Installing tools

This section describes which tools you need to install on your system to compile Veloren from source.


Rust can be easily installed on all major desktop operating systems. Follow this link for installation instructions specific to your system.

Because Veloren uses the nightly version of Rust, please make sure you install it:

rustup toolchain install nightly

We have a toolchain file in the repository so you only need to have rust nightly installed and it will be chosen automatically.


On Linux Git is most likely already installed, if it isn't, use your distribution's package manager to install it.

For Windows, The 'Git for Windows' suite is a sensible way to install Git, along with a set of tools that'll make it easier for you to use.

On recent MacOS versions you will be prompted to install Git the first time you run it. Otherwise install it using Homebrew via brew install git or MacPorts via port install git.


Git LFS is a Git extension used to store large files like images and audio files. You need to install it in order to download the assets.

On Linux you can use the package manager to install Git LFS, usually the package is called git-lfs.

For Windows you can download an installer here.

On MacOS you can use Homebrew via brew install git-lfs or MacPorts via port install git-lfs.

After installation the setup needs to be completed

On Linux or Windows

git lfs install

On MacOs

git-lfs install


All commands for compiling Veloren yourself are written for bash, if you run un windows use the git bash included in the git package.

After you installed everything, continue with local repository setup