Coordinate Systems

Various coordinate systems are used for different tasks throughout the codebase so it can be useful to have a reference for how they work and relate to each other.

A not necessarily exhaustive list:

  • "world" coordinates
  • chunk coordinates
  • weather sim cell coordinates
  • "regions" used on the server for syncing to clients
  • coordinate spaces used during rendering in voxygen
  • LoD zones (see common/src/

Note: This document is unfinished and details for more of these could be included.

World coordinates

World coordinates can actually be broken down into two different kinds.

There are non-integer positions currently represented via Vec3<f32>, e.g. which can be used to represent an entity position.

Then there are integer positions currently represented via Vec3<i32>, e.g. which can be used for the position of a voxel in the world. The coordinates of the voxel containing a Vec3<f32> point can be obtained via .floor() as i32 on each element of the Vec3. Consequently, when the integer position of a voxel is directly converted to a Vec3<f32>, this is located at the minimum corner of that voxel. To obtain the center of a voxel in that space 0.5 must be added to each element of the position.