Voxygen - 3D client frontend

Voxygen is Veloren's official 3D frontend. It's the frontend that almost all users interact with Veloren though, although alternatives do exist. However, almost all documentation about Veloren assumes that Voxygen is the client frontend in use.

Voxygen is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.


Voxygen's configuration file can be found in the userdata directory.

Gamepad Controls

Voxygen supports inputs via a gamepad or game controller. Unfortunately, inputs are not yet configurable through a GUI, but settings.ron can be edited manually via the controller section.

Experimental shaders

Voxygen has several experimental shaders that can be enabled via the graphics.render_mode.experimental_shaders option.

Please note that these shaders come with no guarantees: they may be completely broken, mutually-incompatible, or may melt your GPU. Please do not report rendering bugs if you have them enabled (unless you are quite sure that the bug has nothing to do with the shaders).

Experimental shaders are explicitly not a feature of the game. They may be removed, break, or change at any time and without warning. They exist purely as a way for developers to try out new rendering ideas and as a fun extra for experienced players.

Experimental shaders can be enabled by adding them to the relevant section. For example, to enable the Brickloren and NoNoise shaders:

    graphics: (
        render_moder: (
            experimental_shaders: [Brickloren, NoNoise],

The order of the shaders is irrelevant.

You can find a list of all available experimental shaders here.