Environment Variables

Veloren uses special environment variables to affect game behaviour. Environment variables should be set before starting the game, search for tutorials on how to do it in the web.

NOTE: this list is incomplete, and needs to be expanded.


Optional variable to point to veloren assets directory. Not needed if you use Airshipper, but may be useful in more more exotic scenarios.


Variable to add directory with assets overrides. Recommended if you want to modify some files, for example different weapon textures.

Linux example:

env VELOREN_ASSETS_OVERRIDE="/home/user/veloren/override_assets/" airshipper run

If you have $VELOREN_ASSETS_OVERRIDE/voxygen/voxel/weapon/caladbolg.vox with your modified version of caladbolg.vox, it will be used instead of main caladbolg.vox file in veloren assets.


May be helpful if your game crashes for no reason. Alternatively, you can choose it in Airshipper GUI.

Possible values:

  • "vulkan"
  • "metal" (macOS only)
  • "dx12" (Windows only)
  • "dx11" (Windows only)
  • "primary"
  • "opengl" (not supported at the time of writing)
  • "secondary"
  • "all"