If you want to contribute to Veloren in any form you probably need to deal with Veloren's source code. Therefore these basic tools have to be installed to interact with it.

Note: Throughout the book we will mention a lot of commands. Therefore we highly recommend getting comfortable with a terminal.


Keeping track of Veloren's history.

For Windows, The 'Git for Windows' suite is a sensible way to install Git, along with a set of tools that'll make it easier for you to use.

On Linux Git is most likely already installed, if it isn't, use your distribution's package manager to install it.

On recent macOS versions you will be prompted to install Git the first time you run it. Otherwise install it using Homebrew via brew install git or MacPorts via port install git.


Keeping track of the really big giants out there (aka. asset files).

Git LFS is a Git extension used to store large files like images and audio files. You need to install it in order to download the assets.

  1. For Windows you can download an installer here.

    On Linux you can use the package manager to install Git LFS, usually the package is called git-lfs.

    On macOS you can use Homebrew via brew install git-lfs or MacPorts via port install git-lfs.

  2. Git LFS needs to be set up by running git lfs install or git-lfs install (macOS) in a terminal.

Note: If you already cloned the repo before setting up Git LFS, additional steps are necessary.

Note: git-lfs has a known bug with working off remotes. If you plan to work off a fork, refer to this section.


Keeping us safe and sound to build a reliable and efficient game.

Rust is a general-purpose programming language we use. Refer to the FAQ section to learn why.

The recommended way of installing Rust is through Rustup. Follow the instructions carefully and everything should be good.