Userdata Folder Structure

The userdata folder unifies all player and server configuration in a single place, which should be transferrable between different Veloren installations from v0.8 onwards.

The folder will be next to your Veloren executable, or in your repository's root if self-compiling. See where Airshipper stores files if using the launcher.


Contains settings for Voxygen, Veloren's official 3D client frontend.

This file is almost entirely configurable through Voxygen's in-game settings UI. For more information, see here.

The main thing not accessible from main game menus is gamepad keybindings, which can only be changed by directly editing the file.


Contains hotbar information per-character and per-server. Should never need to be manually modified.


This file is intended for manual editing, and should never be overwritten by the game. If the file is in an invalid state, the server will emit a warning in including the position of the error, create a settings.template.ron file full of the default values, and start up with all default values.

SettingDescriptionDefault value
gameserver_addressAddress and port the game server will listen to. Note that clients will use the port 14004 by default. Changing the port will require to specify it in the client too.""
metrics_addressAddress and port the game server will expose Prometheus metrics.""
auth_server_addressWhen using Some(<value>): The value is the IP address or domain the game server and client will use. If you want to disable authentication, you replace Some(...) with None.Some("")
max_playersMaximum number of players connected to the game server.100
world_seedseed number used to setup the random generation of the world.59686
server_namedisplayed server name"Veloren Alpha"
start_timeServer daylight start time in seconds.32400
map_fileSets which map to load. See here for allowed values.None
max_view_distanceThe maximum view distance that clients may request. Useful for low-RAM servers.Some(30)
banned_words_filesList of files containing words to be censored. None are distributed by default.[] (Empty array)
max_player_group_sizeThe maximum party size players can have, for purposes of XP sharing and ignoring friendly fire.6
client_timeout(secs: 40, nanos: 0,)
battle_modeCan be Global(mode) or PerPlayer(default: mode), where mode can be PvP or PvE and will be given to each player on join. The difference between Global and PerPlayer is that PerPlayer enables /battlemode command.Global(PvP)


Contains the introductory chat message clients get when entering the server, as a quoted string. Can be multiple lines.


"This is the best Veloren server"


Contains a list of whitelisted account IDs, and is considered disabled if empty. Heavily recommended to use the /whitelist add/remove in-game command, rather than manual editing.

Example: Result of using /whitelist add Treeco and /whitelist add treeco2.



Contains a list of banned accounts, and reasons. Heavily recommended to use the /ban and /unban in-game commands, rather than manual editing.

Example: Result of using /ban Treeco General nuisance and /ban treeco2 alt account.

    "6f15b915-074f-f78d-df88-34fb33e4e13f": (
        username_when_banned: "treeco2",
        reason: "alt account",
    "3445349e-d03c-64bf-6ecf-a15806275a1f": (
        username_when_banned: "Treeco",
        reason: "General nuisance",


Contains a list of admin account IDs. Heavily recommended to use admin add/remove from the server's TUI, rather than manual editing. There is no in-game command to permanently add admins, for security reasons.

Example: Result of using admin add Treeco.


If you have the TUI disabled or are otherwise unable to use it, you can instead use the server CLI to add/remove admins.


veloren-server-cli admin add Treeco


The settings in this file govern the warning period the server gives for automatic shutdowns for updates.