Local repository setup and maintenance

This section describes the initial setup and maintenance of your local repository.

Note: To understand the following we highly recommend reading about git!

Download source code

Note: Veloren needs git LFS installed before cloning to be able to download the assets. If you already cloned the repository before setting up git LFS use these steps to get the assets downloaded.

Clone the repository

git clone https://gitlab.com/veloren/dev/veloren.git

Change your working directory to the cloned repository

cd veloren

Note: All commands in this chapter from now on should be executed from there.

Basic repo navigation

Changing branches

In order to try out new unmerged or unfinished features, you may want to switch to a different branch.

To switch to a development branch

git checkout <branch_name>

To switch back to master

git checkout master


To download the latest changes and update your current branch

git pull

To download the latest changes without merging them into your local branch

git fetch

The help command

Git also offers a help command with detailed information about other commands

git help <optional subcommand name>

Modifying the source code

If you want to modify the source code, refer to the developer section.

To discard changes you've made to the source code

git reset --hard

Keep in mind that this deletes all the changes without a way to recover them.

To discard your changes with ability to restore them later

git stash

To restore stashed changes

git stash pop

Cleaning old build files

Over time as dependencies get updated, the old compiled versions start to take up a lot of space. To delete them type

cargo clean

NOTE: Keep in mind that cargo will need to recompile all dependencies which can take a long time.

Updating the Rust toolchain

We use a rust-toolchain file in the repository which will automatically update your rust toolchain to whichever version we use. There shouldn't be any additional effort needed on your side.