Veloren runs on many operating systems, architectures, GPUs, and system configurations. Sometimes, things don't work!

This page contains a list of common problems and solutions.

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⛔ Crashes

Although we try to ensure that Veloren is as stable as possible, there are a small number of things that can cause the game to crash. Thankfully, many of these are fixable!

Airshipper won't start (or crashes on startup)

Possible solutions:

Compatibility Mode

Airshipper can run in a mode where the user interface does not appear, known as 'compatibility mode'. In this mode, Airshipper will automatically download and run the latest version of Veloren for you.

  • On Windows, compatibility mode can be used with the dedicated 'Airshipper: Compatibility Mode' icon

  • On all platforms, entering airshipper run into your console will start Airshipper in compatibility mode

Veloren (Voxygen) crashes on startup

Possible solutions:

🎨 Graphics

Veloren requires that your computer supports one of the following:

  • DirectX (Windows only, version 11.2 or above)
    • (note: recent versions of Airshipper require DirectX 12, but compatibility mode should still work)
  • Vulkan (Windows and Linux only, version 1.2 or above)
  • Metal (Mac OS only)

If your computer does not support one of these, you may not be able to run the game.


Running Veloren might require that you update your graphics drivers, or install them if you do not already have them.

  • If running Windows, you can follow this guide to update your graphics drivers

  • If running Linux, you can follow this guide to install Vulkan drivers. Please note that many distributions do not have Vulkan drivers pre-installed: the fact that other games run fine is not an indication that you have Vulkan drivers installed!

  • If running Mac OS, you may need to perform a system update to obtain the latest drivers

Graphics Backend

On some platforms, Veloren can be run using one of several different graphics APIs.

You can switch between the available graphics backends in the Airshipper Settings.

  • On Windows, the following graphics backends are supported:
    • DirectX 11
    • DirectX 12
    • Vulkan
  • On Linux, only Vulkan is supported (however, Veloren has been known to run well through WINE using backends supported on Windows, so this may be an option for you)
  • On Mac OS, only Metal is supported

If you're running Airshipper in compatibility mode, you can still change the graphics backend by running airshipper config into your console. You will be presented with a menu that will allow you to configure Airshipper's settings in a similar manner to the GUI.

Changing the graphics backend in compatibility mode

In older versions of Airshipper, you can still change the graphics backend by opening the file airshipper_state.ron in a text editor. Toward the bottom of the file is the following line:

wgpu_backend: Auto,

You can replace Auto with one of DX11, DX12, Vulkan, or Metal (depending on your operating system). Please note that this field is case-sensitive.

Airshipper is missing UI elements or flickers when moving the mouse

Airshipper graphics problems

To fix this, you may need to update your graphics drivers.

Graphical glitches in-game

In-game graphics problems

You may need to update update your graphics drivers.

Alternatively, switching to another graphics backend may solve the problem.

Ensure that your computer has the required graphics support.

🎧 Audio

Audio not working

On Linux, you might need to install ALSA configuration for PulseAudio.

  • For Arch Linux, this means installing the pulseaudio-alsa package. You can do this with pacman -S pulseaudio-alsa

Disabling Audio

In particularly dire cases, it may be necessary to disable audio in Veloren to avoid crashes or similar problems. You can do this by:

  1. Making sure Veloren is closed.
  2. Locating settings.ron (See where Airshipper stores files)
  3. Editing it and replacing output: Automatic with output: Off. It should look like:
  audio: (
    master_volume: 1,
    music_volume: 1
    sfx_volume: 1,
    max_sfx_channels: 10,
    output: Off, // The important line!
  1. saving the file and running the game again.

🎮 Input and controllers

Mouse is invisible or window resizing isn't working properly when using Wayland on Linux

Although Veloren does support Wayland, this support can sometimes be buggy. These problems may be fixed by explicitly specifying an xcursor theme for the program to use. To do that, first run the following command in a terminal to get a usable theme:

find /usr/share/icons/ -type d -name "cursors" | head -1 | awk -F / '{print $5}'

Set the XCURSOR_THEME environment variable to the result. If you got Adwaita, for example, you would do the following:

  • If using Airshipper, add XCURSOR_THEME=Adwaita to the 'Environment Variables' field in the settings

  • If running as a standalone program, have your desktop environment set XCURSOR_THEME to Adwaita when running the game

  • If running via the command line, prepend XCURSOR_THEME=Adwaita to the command you use to run the game, like XCURSOR_THEME=Adwaita ./veloren-voxygen

If that doesn't work, you can try using the xwayland compatibility layer when running.

  • If using Airshipper, add WINIT_UNIX_BACKEND=x11 to the 'Environment Variables' field in the settings

  • If running as a standalone program, have your desktop environment set WINIT_UNIX_BACKEND to x11 when running the game

  • If running via the command line, prepend WINIT_UNIX_BACKEND=x11 to the command you use to run the game, like WINIT_UNIX_BACKEND=x11 ./veloren-voxygen

PS4 or other controller not working

Currently only XInput controllers are supported on Windows. This means that controllers like the PS4, Switch, and some older generic controllers may not work with Veloren.

In order to work around this, a program such as DS4Windows can be used. Both a text and video tutorial on how to use DS4Windows can be found here.