In case you've hit an issue this section might help you resolve it.

Audio issues

In case the game crashes with something similar like:

INFO veloren_voxygen::logging: Setup terminal and file logging. logdir="<some_path>"
thread 'main' panicked at 'build_output_stream failed with all supported formats: FormatNotSupported', /root/.cargo/registry/src/
note: run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 environment variable to display a backtrace

If you are using Arch Linux, try installing the pulseaudio-alsa package, pacman -S pulseaudio-alsa.

Otherwise you have to manually disable audio by

  1. making sure Veloren is closed.
  2. locating settings.ron (See where Airshipper stores files)
  3. edit it and replace output: Automatic with output: Off. It should look like:
    audio: (
        master_volume: 1,
        music_volume: 1
        sfx_volume: 1,
        max_sfx_channels: 10,
        output: Off, // The important line!
  4. Save file and retry. In case it didn't help visit Reporting Bugs page.

PS4 or other controller not working

Currently only XInput controllers are supported on Windows. This means that controllers like the PS4, Switch, and some older generic controllers won't work with Veloren.

In order to work around this, a program such as DS4Windows can be used. Both a text and video tutorial on how to use DS4Windows can be found here.