All commands that can be executed in-game are listed below, note that many commands require Admin or Moderator permissions. Arguments surrounded by <> are required, [] indicates an optional argument.

Note: The table below is auto-generated from the commands within the Veloren source code using the command cargo cmd-doc-gen.

/adminifyTemporarily gives a player a restricted admin role or removes the current one (if not given)Admin<player> [role]
/airshipSpawns an airshipAdmin[destination_degrees_ccw_of_east]
/aliasChange your aliasModerator<name>
/buffCast a buff on playerAdmin<buff> [strength] [duration]
/banBan a player with a given username, for a given duration (if provided). Pass true for overwrite to alter an existing ban..Moderator<player> [overwrite] [ban duration] [message]
/battlemodeSet your battle mode to: pvp (player vs player) pve (player vs environment). If called without arguments will show current battle mode.[battle mode]
/battlemode_forceChange your battle mode flag without any checksAdmin<battle mode>
/buildToggles build mode on and off
/build_area_addAdds a new build areaAdmin<name> <xlo> <xhi> <ylo> <yhi> <zlo> <zhi>
/build_area_listList all build areasAdmin
/build_area_removeRemoves specified build areaAdmin<name>
/campfireSpawns a campfireAdmin
/debug_columnPrints some debug information about a columnModerator<x> <y>
/disconnect_all_playersDisconnects all players from the serverAdmin<confirm>
/dropallDrops all your items on the groundModerator
/dummySpawns a training dummyAdmin
/explosionExplodes the ground around youAdmin<radius>
/factionSend messages to your faction[message]
/give_itemGive yourself some items. For an example or to auto complete use Tab.Admin<item> [num]
/gotoTeleport to a positionAdmin<x> <y> <z>
/groupSend messages to your group[message]
/group_inviteInvite a player to join a group<player>
/group_kickRemove a player from a group<player>
/group_leaveLeave the current group
/group_promotePromote a player to group leader<player>
/healthSet your current healthAdmin<hp>
/helpDisplay information about commands[[/]command]
/homeReturn to the home townModerator
/join_factionJoin/leave the specified faction[faction]
/jumpOffset your current positionAdmin<x> <y> <z>
/kickKick a player with a given usernameModerator<player> [message]
/killKill yourself
/kill_npcsKill the NPCsAdmin
/kitPlace a set of items into your inventory.Admin<kit_name>
/lanternChange your lantern's strength and colorAdmin<strength> [r] [g] [b]
/lightSpawn entity with lightAdmin[r] [g] [b] [x] [y] [z] [strength]
/make_blockMake a block at your location with a colorAdmin<block> [r] [g] [b]
/make_npcSpawn entity from config near you. For an example or to auto complete use Tab.Admin<entity_config> [num]
/make_spriteMake a sprite at your locationAdmin<sprite>
/motdView the server description[message]
/objectSpawn an objectAdmin<object>
/permit_buildGrants player a bounded box they can build inAdmin<area_name>
/playersLists players currently online
/regionSend messages to everyone in your region of the world[message]
/reload_chunksReloads all chunks loaded on the serverAdmin
/remove_lightsRemoves all lights spawned by playersAdmin[radius]
/revoke_buildRevokes build area permission for playerAdmin<area_name>
/revoke_build_allRevokes all build area permissions for playerAdmin
/safezoneCreates a safezoneModerator[range]
/saySend messages to everyone within shouting distance[message]
/server_physicsSet/unset server-authoritative physics for an accountModerator<player> [enabled]
/set_motdSet the server descriptionAdmin[message]
/shipSpawns a shipAdmin[destination_degrees_ccw_of_east]
/siteTeleport to a siteModerator<site>
/skill_pointGive yourself skill points for a particular skill treeAdmin<skill tree> [amount]
/skill_presetGives your character desired skills.Admin<preset_name>
/spawnSpawn a test entityAdmin<alignment> <entity> [amount] [ai]
/sudoRun command as if you were another playerModerator<player> <[/]command> [args...]
/tellSend a message to another player<player> [message]
/timeSet the time of dayAdmin[time]
/tpTeleport to another playerModerator[player]
/unbanRemove the ban for the given usernameModerator<player>
/versionPrints server version
/waypointSet your waypoint to your current positionAdmin
/whitelistAdds/removes username to whitelistModerator<add/remove> <player>
/wiringCreate wiring elementAdmin
/worldSend messages to everyone on the server[message]
/make_volumeCreate a volume (experimental)Admin
/locationTeleport to a location<name>
/create_locationCreate a location at the current positionModerator<name>
/delete_locationDelete a locationModerator<name>


All the parameters that can be used in the commands that can be executed in-game are listed below.

aispawned entity has an agent/ai, true/false
alignmentwild, enemy, npc, petcode reference
area_namename of an area
args...additional parameters, e.g. in /sudo player tell Hello, how are you? args... would be Hello, how are you?
ban durationduration of the ban, e.g. 3d2h30m
battle mode"pvp" (player vs player) or "pve" (player vs environment)
blockname of blockblocks
buffName of Buff; be careful, docs use CamelCase and command expects snake_case, e.g. docs: "IncreaseMaxHealth" command: "increase_max_health"docs reference
[/]commande.g. give_item or /give_item
confirm"confirm", to confirm
durationduration in seconds
enabledboolean, true/false
entity_configpath to the entity starting from veloren.assets.common.entity with . as separator of directory names; with the prefix common.entity.! e.g.: common.entity.dungeon.fallback.bossfolder with the entities
factionString of Characters, e.g. "Hello"
hpHealth Points as number
itempath to the item starting from veloren.assets.common.items with . as separator of directory names; with the prefix common.items.! e.g.: common.items.armor.assassin.beltfolder with the items
kit_namename of a kit, e.g. debugdefinition of the kits
messageString of Characters, e.g. "Hello"
nameString of Characters, e.g. "Hello"
objectname of the objectdefinition of objects
overwriteset to true to overwrite previous ban
playerName of Player's Character
preset_namepath to the skillset starting from veloren.assets.common.skillset with . as separator of directory names; with the prefix common.skillset.! e.g.: common.skillset.preset.max.sceptrefolder with the skillset
radiusa number to define the radius, has to be higher than 0 and lower than 512
r, g, bred, green, blue; numbers used to define a color
role"admin" or "moderator"
skill treename of a skill tree, e.g. generalskill tree names from code
spritename of the spritedefinition of sprites
timeoptions: midnight, night, dawn, morning, day, noon, dusk or %H:%M format e.g. 12:21code reference
usernameusername of a player
xhipoint x on hi
xlopoint x on lo
xpoint x
yhipoint y on hi
ylopoint y on lo
ypoint y
zhipoint z on hi
zlopoint z on lo
zpoint z