All commands that can be executed in-game are listed below, note that many commands require Admin or Moderator permissions. Arguments surrounded by <> are required, [] indicates an optional argument.

Note: The table below is auto-generated from the commands within the Veloren source code using the command cargo cmd-doc-gen.

/adminifyTemporarily gives a player a restricted admin role or removes the current one (if not given)Admin<player> [role]
/airshipSpawns an airshipAdmin[destination_degrees_ccw_of_east]
/aliasChange your aliasModerator<name>
/buffCast a buff on playerAdmin<buff> [strength] [duration]
/banBan a player with a given username, for a given duration (if provided). Pass true for overwrite to alter an existing ban..Moderator<username> [overwrite] [ban duration] [message]
/battlemodeSet your battle mode to pvp (player vs player) or pve (player vs environment). If called without arguments will show current battle mode.[battle mode]
/battlemode_forceChange your battle mode flag without any checksAdmin<battle mode>
/buildToggles build mode on and off
/build_area_addAdds a new build areaAdmin<name> <xlo> <xhi> <ylo> <yhi> <zlo> <zhi>
/build_area_listList all build areasAdmin
/build_area_removeRemoves specified build areaAdmin<name>
/campfireSpawns a campfireAdmin
/debug_columnPrints some debug information about a columnModerator<x> <y>
/disconnect_all_playersDisconnects all players from the serverAdmin<confirm>
/dropallDrops all your items on the groundModerator
/dummySpawns a training dummyAdmin
/explosionExplodes the ground around youAdmin<radius>
/factionSend messages to your faction[message]
/give_itemGive yourself some itemsAdmin<item> [num]
/gotoTeleport to a positionAdmin<x> <y> <z>
/groupSend messages to your group[message]
/group_inviteInvite a player to join a group<player>
/group_kickRemove a player from a group<player>
/group_leaveLeave the current group
/group_promotePromote a player to group leader<player>
/healthSet your current healthAdmin<hp>
/helpDisplay information about commands[[/]command]
/homeReturn to the home town
/join_factionJoin/leave the specified faction[faction]
/jumpOffset your current positionAdmin<x> <y> <z>
/kickKick a player with a given usernameModerator<username> [message]
/killKill yourself
/kill_npcsKill the NPCsAdmin
/kitPlace a set of items into your inventory.Admin<kit_name>
/lanternChange your lantern's strength and colorAdmin<strength> [r] [g] [b]
/lightSpawn entity with lightAdmin[r] [g] [b] [x] [y] [z] [strength]
/make_blockMake a block at your location with a colorAdmin<block> [r] [g] [b]
/make_npcSpawn entity from config near youAdmin<entity_config> [num]
/make_spriteMake a sprite at your locationAdmin<sprite>
/motdView the server description[message]
/objectSpawn an objectAdmin<object>
/permit_buildGrants player a bounded box they can build inAdmin<area_name>
/playersLists players currently online
/regionSend messages to everyone in your region of the world[message]
/remove_lightsRemoves all lights spawned by playersAdmin[radius]
/revoke_buildRevokes build area permission for playerAdmin<area_name>
/revoke_build_allRevokes all build area permissions for playerAdmin
/safezoneCreates a safezoneModerator[range]
/saySend messages to everyone within shouting distance[message]
/server_physicsSet/unset server-authoritative physics for an accountModerator<username> [enabled]
/set_motdSet the server descriptionAdmin[message]
/siteTeleport to a siteModerator<message>
/skill_pointGive yourself skill points for a particular skill treeAdmin<skill tree> [amount]
/skill_presetGives your character desired skills.Admin<preset_name>
/spawnSpawn a test entityAdmin<alignment> <entity> [amount] [ai]
/sudoRun command as if you were another playerModerator<player> <[/]command> [args...]
/tellSend a message to another player<player> [message]
/timeSet the time of dayAdmin[time]
/tpTeleport to another playerModerator[player]
/unbanRemove the ban for the given usernameModerator<username>
/versionPrints server version
/waypointSet your waypoint to your current positionAdmin
/whitelistAdds/removes username to whitelistModerator<add/remove> <username>
/wiringCreate wiring elementAdmin
/worldSend messages to everyone on the server[message]